Bulk Material

Bulk API products
Extracted from our certified strains for the manufacturing of finished products. From food grade to cosmetics, to wellness and nutraceuticals as well as pharma grade products.


From our organically-grown Colombian cannabis, we develop our isolates to contain the cannabinoids in its purest form. This product is completely odorless and tasteless and comes in crystal form, and contains up to 99% pure CBD.

Uses: Industrial, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetics.


Our 100% organic CBD Distillates contain the whole range of benefits of cannabidiol. From our organically-grown plants in our Colombian farms, we extract these distillates to obtain the correct amount of CBD content. Thanks to its potency and versatility, our distillates have many different applications.

Uses: Industrial, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetics.

Flower & Biomass

From our organically-grown cannabis varieties, we bring dry flowers and biomass to supply for your extraction plants.

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