About Us

Medcolcanna Organics

We connect people to the healing power of cannabis with accessible products that have been developed and uniquely formulated based on proprietary formulations and sound scientific research.

We are a Canadian vertically integrated cannabis company with fully licensed operations based in Colombia, approximately 30 minutes from the capital Bogotá.

As an organization, we are driven to connect people with reachable products that evolved from traditional preparations into scientifically studied formulas to impart consistency of delivery and effect to consumers.

MCCN has moved quicker than any of its competitors in its short history to become a global leader in innovative cannabis product exports to the world.

El Candil

Fully integrated facilities located in Bogotá, a prominent flower production area.

  • 30 minutes from the metropolitan area of Bogotá, in an area with optimal climatic conditions for the production of cannabis.
  • Easy access, by land from Bogotá.
  • Specialized security system for the development of psychoactive cannabis cultivation.
  • An operational capacity of 300 tons of raw material per year for internal and third party supply.